What importance should be attributed to pronunciation as a beginner?


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   What importance should be attributed to pronunciation as a beginner English learner?


    When people start learning a new foreign language, they often claim they do not enough master this language. In fact, their vision of learning is largely directed towards having a native or almost native accent. Therefore, they fear to be judged according to their pronunciation and is not through the correctness of the language structures. They attribute, a crucial priority for the mastery of the pronunciation whereas this requirement must come second in terms of priority.

     This false vision of learning the foreign language is a handicap since it blocked some people from moving forward on their journey believing that it is enough to pronounce well to achieve a certain level of mastery. In this case, any initiative on the part of the learner to practise or communicate orally using the target language, which is fundamental to the learning process, remains restricted by subjective beliefs and prejudices.


    As a foreign student newly arrived in France, I met French students who often say, "I'm null in English! "By this they mean in fact " I do not pronounce English not well ! "This may explain why many of my French friends hesitate when it comes to speaking while they show an advanced level in both comprehension or redaction. Changing attitudes and having a positive vision of learning can be the right leap towards a successful language learning 




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