[Emotions Awareness] Asking students how they're feeling to give them a chance to open themselves.

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Hello to all my fellow teachers and fellow students out there !

I wish to share one of my warm up ideas to you and hope you can use it too 🙂
I made those cute little flashcards and spend about 5 to 10min asking students about how they feel everyday as a warm up ( I'm trying to do it twice a week at least ).

Since depression is an important issue everywhere, especially in Asia, where I have seen a lot of students pressured to learn english as an extra language or other extra activities after school. Taiwan wants to officialize English as the second official language therefore many parents are putting their children into cramschools.

Many students from middle school to high school, have told me that they were depressed and tired by not having enough time to sleep, do school's homework, eat properly, do cramschool's homework and find extra time to relax. 

I like to give them a chance to open up and talk freely about their emotions. Free up their mind with interactive lessons. Adapt the teaching method to the students' interests.

Making it real and making a real impact.

I kept the pdf files of all the emojies I've made if you want to print it and use it if you think it's a good idea 🙂 (Print it in A4, laminate it, cut it then use a Sticky Black Magnet Roll from Daiso-Store for only 39ntd) 


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